Solid-state high-power amplifier module guarantees performance for military jamming systems

Newly available from Link Microtek is a solid-state high-power amplifier module that operates over the frequency range 20 to 520MHz, making it suitable for use in either broadband mobile jamming systems to counter the threat of IEDs or band-specific high-power linear applications in the UHF and VHF bands.

Manufactured by Empower RF Systems, the 1163 module features a rugged construction for long-term reliability and is guaranteed to deliver 125W output power and related RF performance over the full bandwidth and under all specified temperature and environmental conditions.

The amplifier is equipped with an RS485 serial interface and built-in control and monitoring circuits, including a non-volatile memory for event recording and factory setup recovery. Comprehensive protection features guard the device against conditions such as over current, under or over temperature, under or over voltage and reverse polarity on the I/O lines.

Operating from a 28VDC input, the module utilises the latest high-power RF LDMOS transistors to achieve a typical output of 150W and a typical small-signal gain of 54dB. The device has a maximum input return loss of -10dB, and its noise figure is specified as 15dB. Measuring only 178 x 102 x 38mm, this compact high-power amplifier weighs 908g and has an operating temperature range of -40 to +85degC.


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