Solid growth in Europe’s semiconductor distribution market

The European semiconductor distribution industry is continuing to recover, according to new quarterly figures from DMASS (Distributors’ and Manufacturers’ Association of Semiconductor Specialists). Semiconductor distribution sales in the second quarter of the year grew by 5.3% to 1.6bn Euros and except for France, Benelux, Nordic and Switzerland, all the major regions saw increased sale. DMASS only reports industrial semiconductor sales, defined as all semiconductors, excluding the PC channel. 

Commenting Georg Steinberger, chairman of DMASS, said, “Our market seems to have reached a solid growth level in the 5+% range. Particularly encouraging was the fact that Germany, after a few weak quarters, is back on track and brought in a very healthy 11% increase over CY13. For DMASS in total, the first half of CY14 ended at 6.6% growth, to 3.2 Billion Euro. We are pretty certain that the full year will end positive.”

Regionally, Germany and Eastern Europe led the growth with 11% and 10.2% respectively. German sales climbed to 514mn Euro, Eastern Europe (excl. Russia) to 183mn Euro, while the UK added a solid 7.3% to 131mn Euro. Italy grew by 3.7% to 161mn. France on the other hand declined by 2.6% to 122mn Euro, while the Nordic region with 141mn Euro sales fell back a not insignificant 8.7%.

 “Nordic and Benelux were certainly the weak spots last quarter while Germany regained some of its old strength. Over the course of 6 months, the picture has stabilised somewhat, but some risks remain: France is seeing below average growth, Benelux, too, and we do not know yet the impact of the sanctions against Russia in our market, although Russia only contributes 4% to the DMASS Total,” explained Steinberger.

Product-wise, optoelectronics grew over-proportionally (13.5% to 164mn Euro), driven by LEDs, as did discrete components (13.6% to 89mn Euro). Power grew by 8.2% to 162mn Euro, analogue components by 9.5% to 472mn Euro and MOS Micro by 6.4% to 336mn Euro. Behind the curve remained memories with -1.8% to 122mn Euro and programmable logic which fell back by -6.9% to 118mn Euro.

Steinberger said, “We’ve observed for some time now clear growth spots like High-end-MCUs, High-end Analogue and LEDs, while other mainstream technologies – former shooting stars like Programmable Logic, Other Logic, DSPs or Memories seem to go through a weak period; arguably, an interesting development that has to be watched more closely.”


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