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For over 40 years we have been delivering new technologies, solutions and products to make life for designers and manufacturers just that bit easier and getting their products to market quickly and efficiently.

Socionext focuses on technologies that drive today’s leading-edge applications in automotive and industrial markets as well as advanced 5G networking. We are also one of the World’s leading suppliers of Custom SoC solutions. With all that knowledge behind us our expertise shows with 3 nominations for the Electronics Industry Awards.

Automotive Product of the Year

SC1702 Smart Display Controller

Market Challenge: Integrating intelligent systems into automotive displays is one of the major challenges for vehicle manufacturers today.

Socionext Solution: Our expanded line up of ‘Smart’ Controllers features enhanced Security Support for high resolution, wide format displays.

  • The SC1702, a fourth-generation smart display controller, is capable of transferring data at rates of up 12Gbps using the latest APIX®3 technology.
  • Designed to conform to latest encryption technology HDCP 2.3, making it possible to utilize rich, 4K-resolution content for multi-displays and other uses in a vehicle.
  • Safety features are built in as a matter of course and we have even designed it so that the BOM cost is reduced.

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Internet of Things Product of the Year

IoT High-Definition Power Line Communication (HD-PLC) Solution

Market Challenge: The incredible growth in IoT has meant a demand for high-performance networking solutions. Existing communication technologies such as Wi-Fi/WLAN, Bluetooth, Wi-SUN and Ethernet are not always the best solutions.

Socionext Solution: HD-PLC™ LSI (SC1320A), a World First, embedded with 4th generation HD-PLC™ core, secure-wired communication for IoT devices.

  • Conforms to IEEE 1901-2020 and can be connected using existing infrastructure, the Power Line.
  • Creates more freedom for innovations while transmitting more data from/to Urban areas, Home and Factory environments for further evolving our society to Society 5.0.
  • With a compact power circuit design the PCB design and BOM costs can be optimized.


Internet of Things Product of the Year

Radio Wave Sensor

Market Challenge: The disadvantage with a lot of today’s available solutions is that they are often a module of several components where in-depth know-how of analogue RF design for antenna and PCB design is required.

Socionext Solution: The Innovative ‘All-in-one’, easy-to-use 24GHz Radar Sensors for the Super Smart World.

  • A truly smart sensor that gathers input from a physical environment such as light temperature, motion and pressure.
  • All-in-One package: built-in antenna, radio circuit, A/D converter & ranging calculation circuit.
  • By incorporating basic signal processing functions into the sensor device, the number of external components is reduced.
  • Easier to use without any special signal processing knowledge

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Socionext’s expertise and innovation shines through with our determination to make a better, smarter world!

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