Smiths Connectors unveils high-speed fibre channel D-Sub series

Smiths Connectors has introduced a hand-tooled high-speed rugged D-Sub series. This range of high-impedance connectors has been designed to ground the outer shield quadrax and twinax contacts directly to the shell of the connector.

According to Smiths a compelling differentiator in the D-Sub connector is minimal RF noise and high durability of up to 1,000 mating cycles, in addition, to the multiple point contact engagement that provides superior EMI shielding. To ensure that the correct high-speed connectors are mated to address specific wiring requirements and keying functions, a keyed jack post has been incorporated into the design. The six-positioned keyed jack post allows for 36 possible keying combinations ensuring that the correct high- speed rugged D-Sub plug is mated to the correct high-speed receptacle.  Non-keyed jack post versions are also available. 

In addition to meeting and exceeding all requirements of MIL-STD-202 for shock and vibration, the size 10 contacts are 30% smaller than the standard size 9 for tight space constraints applications while delivering the same performance in a significantly smaller package size. 

“The trend toward smaller footprints and higher density are proliferating across all segments of the global marketplace, particularly for high reliability requirements,” states Gabriel Guglielmi, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for Smiths Connectors. “We have put a great deal of thoughtful planning into the D-Sub and have designed it to be rugged, versatile and with the functionality that is required to address the ever-changing changing needs of the customer base.”

He adds, “Where many others in the industry held a collective view of D-Sub as being a mature product that did not allow for further improvement, we viewed it as an opportunity to enhance it and make it even more viable and dependable interconnect solution.”



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