Smart technology – UHF RFID

HARTING connectors and cable assemblies can be equipped with UHF RFID transponders to link information and data from real components with the virtual world. The HARTING Technology Group demonstrated how with the aid of UHF RFID the identification spectrum that spans from specific connector data through to the ordering of spare parts can be deployed and used conveniently, quickly and with reliability. Using a mobile reading device, e.g. a smart phone with an associated reading unit, component data can be recorded and compared with data from HARTING eBusiness. Immediately upon identification, spare parts or reference values can be displayed and used. This leads to a significant reduction in time expenditure and prevents costly mistakes, for example, when the wrong spare parts are ordered during maintenance work.

However, a detailed and relevant database is needed on the back end for this concept to work reliably in the field. In addition to the configuration of the connector, the database also permits location-independent access. Consequently, users are provided with detailed data on identifiable objects via the Internet.

Here, HARTING Technology Group has already employed the SAP based eBusiness solutions to build up a wide range of expertise and experience that flow directly to users and operators. HARTING Technology Group’s concept developed in-house enables reliable and rapid access to detailed data on products and machinery, and can be used for further-reaching business and production processes.

RFID technology enables still further innovation in terms of object-specific data collection and storage. RFID tags can not only uniquely identify objects – transponders can be written with additional information that can be read or updated as required. Sensor transponders can record additional data directly from an object and store it in the transponder, e.g. temperature values. This additional data recorded directly from an object enables verification e.g. of faulty machine operation – yet another plus for safety.

Thanks to its UHF RFID portfolio and software expertise, HARTING Technology Group can tie in its well-known connector and cable assemblies with business database structures all the way through to the ordering of replacement parts – the shortest, most secure method of both data and process management.

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