Slimline u-remote I/O system from Weidmuller Saves Switch Cabinet Space

Currently the slimmest modular design available at only 11.5mm module width, Weidmüller’s new “u-remote” modularly designed remote I/O system is distinguished by a plug-in connection level, high component density – as well as best performance – and features high levels of efficiency and productivity.

The integrated web server simplifies starting up and speeds up maintenance work. The distinctive features include lean planning, simple installation, fast start-up and the avoidance of downtimes. As installation can be carried out without the need for tools, and the cabling is pre-assembled, a reliable installation can be conducted much faster in the switch cabinet as well as on the machine and system. The single row connection level facilitates ease of wiring, installation and service.

The plug-in connection level allows for the quick and safe connection of sensors and actuators with pre-assembled cables while simultaneously minimising the error rate in the system wiring. Thanks to its very slim modular design of just 11.5 mm module width­ and a low number of power-feed modules, switch cabinets with “u-remote” can be designed significantly smaller while increasing flexibility in their layout.

A component can be replaced load-free during operation, i.e. without having to interrupt the bus connection and disconnect the power supply. “u-remote” has two features that make it stand out as best in class: Firstly, it separates the supply for inputs and outputs with two 10-A current paths capable of handling heavy loads – this reduces the number of power-feed modules needed and at the same time saves space as well as planning and maintenance effort. Secondly, it has an internal supply path capable of handling heavy loads, which allows 64 modules to be operated with just one power supply on the coupler.

The “u-remote” I/O system has freely selectable sensor connection options (2-, 3-, 4-conductor technology), and can be operated in a temperature range from -20°C to +60°C. The high-speed system bus provides impressive electronic performance and works with as many as 256 DI/DOs in 20 µs. LEDs on the module and each channel, directly positioned on the conductor connection, are extremely helpful for reading statuses and diagnoses. Protection again mismatched connections thanks to 64+4 coding, a wide range of marking options, a professional software tool for planning and checking the I/O station, and much more enhance the perfectly attuned system.

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