Slim, low voltage 3.3V display makes big impact

MMS Electronics Ltd has available a versatile line of alphanumeric and graphic displays.  These displays with optional backlights are specially designed for handheld low power applications and operate from a single +3.3V and +5V supply without need for a negative voltage. Choice of four interfaces: 4/8 bit, SPI and I2C (I2C 4×20 only). This system allows displays to be personalised by the mixing various display technologies (positive/negative, blue, green, black) with the backlights (white, blue, amber, yellow/green, red, dual colour Green/Red and full RGB). Simply clip the display and the backlight unit together to create various combinations. The alphanumeric displays are available in 1×8 (EA DOGM081), 2×16 (EA DOGM162), 3×16 (EA DOGM163) and 4×20 (EA DOGM204). 

The EA DOGM204 can be used as 2×20, 3×20 or 4×20 in double height character mode. Current requirement for the EA DOGM204 is only 250µA without use of the LED backlight. These displays could be battery powered making it ideal for handheld applications. The EA DOGM204 has an integrated SSD1803 controller with 4 bit, 8 bit, 4-wire SPI or 2-wire I²C interface. Display can be used in bottom or top view direction.

Selection of 3 different fonts: Cyrillic, English-Japanese and European. Displays with white background FSTN technology are readable without backlight. The display and backlights can be ordered separately to create 12 different combinations. 3 different LED backlights are available: white, amber and a dual green/red. The dual colour backlight is ideal for applications where a green (normal) or red (warning) status indication is required.  The overall height is only 2mm and 5.8mm including an LED backlight. The displays can be soldered directly into the PCB without any further assembly.

A simulator tool and USB test board EA 9780-3USB is available to help with development. Without any programming the display is shown on the Windows™ desktop. The 9780-3USB board is powered via USB.  Any text typed in the editor is displayed immediately on the display.  The EA 9780-3USB test board can be used with all other alphanumeric and graphic DOG displays. In graphic mode bitmaps dragged into the simulator tool are also shown on a graphic display. 

A memory stick EA USBSTICK-FONT has fonts available for the graphic displays. The font software can generate Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic fonts. Windows™ fonts are also easily imported. The preview function shows the size and style and when the EA 9780-3USB test board is connected characters are also shown on the display. The software generates headers to include in the source code.

Additionally we have Arduino shields available for most DOG displays.

Download from the DOG-simulator and see all possible combinations on your desktop. For more information visit

MMS Electronics Ltd

Tel 01943 877668

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