SKKYNET partners with Renasas in verified software add-on (VSA) Program

SKKYNET  has become a partner in the Renesas Synergy Verified Software Add-on (VSA) Program, enabling real-time connectivity between Renesas Synergy”s embedded development system and Skkynet”s SkkyHub secure Internet of Things (IoT) service. As a VSA partner, Skkynet”s SkkyHub will be fully verified by Renesas as compatible with current and future releases of the Synergy Software Package (SSP), an integral part of the Renesas Synergy Platform. Seamless integration with SkkyHub is expected to reduce barriers to entry into the IoT for industrial and embedded developers using the Renesas Synergy Platform.

“The ability to connect to SkkyHub will put Renesas Synergy Platform users immediately onto the Industrial IoT,” said Paul Thomas, President of Skkynet. “Our comprehensive, end-to-end service lets developers, engineers, and end-users securely connect to industrial systems using standard protocols, with no open firewall ports and no VPN. By leveraging secure-by-design technology, Renesas Synergy users will be able to start exchanging data with other embedded devices, OPC servers and clients, Modbus devices, Excel spreadsheets, ODBC databases and web browsers, right from day one.”

Understanding that time to market is a critical factor in the success of any IoT device, Renesas introduced the Renesas Synergy Platform earlier this year, which is an integration of qualified software, scalable microcontrollers (MCUs), hardware solutions and tools designed to reduce development time, lower the total cost of ownership, and eliminate obstacles that engineers face when developing products for the IoT. The Renesas Synergy VSA Program was launched as a way to broaden the value of the Synergy Platform and give customers access to specialized software like SkkyHub that is already verified as compatible with the Synergy Software Package and solutions.

“The IoT will enable new business models that require innovative applications. We created the Synergy VSA Program as a way to make sure customers have access to specialized software they”ll need to take their IoT designs from concept to production quickly and efficiently. We take the integration guesswork away because all VSA software is verified by Renesas to be compatible with the Synergy SSP,” said Mark Rootz, Marketing Director with the IoT Business Unit, Renesas Electronics. “Our VSA partners will also benefit from the program as it will allow them to access the large customer base of the global leader in MCUs.”

In addition to connecting to SkkyHub, Skkynet”s Verified Software Add-on (VSA) will also let users of the Renesas Synergy Platform immediately integrate with virtually any new or existing industrial system, by connecting seamlessly to theCogent DataHub. This leading industrial middleware product supports local network applications and industrial protocols such as OPC, DDE, ODBC, TCP and Modbus. Out-of-the-box connectivity to both the Cogent DataHub and SkkyHub provides Renesas Synergy users a complete, end-to-end connectivity solution, protecting their investments in existing equipment while ensuring an open path to the Industrial IoT right now, or in the future.


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