Sivers Semiconductors and KREEMO announce the “world’s first” metaverse 360o 5G module

KREEMO and Sivers Semiconductors say they have succeeded in developing the world’s first high performance 5G module with a 360o coverage for metaverse at MWC 2022.

The two companies developed a 5G module optimized for metaverse using Sivers Semiconductor’s 28GHz Beamforming integrated circuit, SUMMIT2629, and KREEMO’s 360o antenna technology.

The award-winning Sivers’ SUMMIT2629 realizes optimal performance with high transmission power and low power consumption compared to other beamforming ICs.

KREEMO’s 360o antenna technology, with a structure where two antennas are stacked on top of each other, provides 360o coverage and dual-polarization by controlling the direction of the currents.

The developed 5G module is said to consume less power compared to the competitor’s product and can smoothly transmit and receive high-frequency signals in any direction at 360o. This eliminates shadow areas and maximizes broadband high-capacity transmission and reception.

This 5G module is the most optimized solution for metaverse services that require high-speed and ultra-low latency transmission of super-capacity data. By providing 360o beam coverage, users can enjoy seamless connection anytime, anywhere, in any direction.

Samples will be available from Q2, 2022

“KREEMO has developed this module in record time. With this 5G module optimized for the metaverse, Sivers Semiconductors enters for the first time into consumer applications. We are very pleased to do this together with KREEMO, that offers best in class technology in this area. We are looking forward to work with KREEMO on multiple projects going forward”, said Anders Storm, group CEO of Sivers Semiconductors.

John Park, the CEO of KREEMO, said: “Through the development of this module, we plan to take the lead in the market by providing 5G devices and infrastructure solutions for metaverse services. We will continue to work together to create more innovative products using Sivers Semiconductors BFICs and KREEMO’s 360o antenna technology.”

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