Simple, reversible and space-saving

Würth Elektronik ICS has created an optimal connecting solution for Getriebebau NORD – one of the leading manufacturers of drive technology – using SKEDD technology, and thus granted the company valuable freedom in component design.

SKW connector in SKEDD technology by Würth Elektronik ICS. Bildquelle: Würth Elektronik ICS

Rear connection of the PCB within a limited assembly space was needed to produce the new NORD SK 250E motor starter and SK155E frequency inverter of the NORDAC LINK field distributor series. Applying the soldering method that had been used up to that point would have resulted in an additional socket base that would take up too much assembly space and necessitate an additional process step. However, the alternative option of using a separate PCB to connect the cables and connect them to the main circuit board using a board-to-board solution would have required a redesign of the entire product. After comprehensive research, the developer team at NORD decided to opt for SKEDD direct plug-in technology by Würth Elektronik ICS to avoid this considerably higher effort and find the most convenient solution possible. This enables direct connection from the rear side of the PCB as desired, without additional process steps.

Opened NORDAC LINK SK 250E-FDS frequency inverter with SKW connectors (two-pin, four-pin), SKEDD K98104-AG contacts. Bildquelle: Würth Elektronik ICS

SKW connector system as a solution 

Together with the experts at ICS, Getriebebau NORD found the optimal solution by using the SKW connector. Its flexibility in terms of assembly design particularly convinced the customer: The SKW connector can generally be plugged in from either side, multiple times reversibly and all over the entire PCB surface. Due to this added value, it is used in the device versions of the NORDAC LINK field distributor, as NORD SK 155E-FDS motor starter and NORD SK 250E-FDS frequency inverter. In addition to the laborious soldering process, the extra base socket is no longer required.

NORDAC LINK SK 155E-FDS motor starter, opened NORDAC LINK SK 155E-FDS motor starter with SKW connectors (two-pin, four-pin), SKEDD K98104-AG contacts. Bildquelle: Würth Elektronik ICS

More freedom for product designers 

The SKW connectors also successfully passed system qualification, including a shock and vibration test according to IEC60721-3-3. The SKW connector system fully meets the requirements of NORD engineers at ambient temperatures in the range up to +70°C and currents up to 16 A.

“We are delighted to confirm that our SKEDD wire-to-board connector system has increased the level of freedom for product designers and has met all technical specifications,” says Achim Engel, product manager for SKEDD at Würth Elektronik ICS.

NORDAC LINK SK 155E-FDS motor starter. Bildquelle: Würth Elektronik ICS

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