Silicon Labs unveils microcontroller die sales program

The new die sales program has a minimum order quantity of only one wafer unlike typical die sales programs that require very high-volume orders to qualify. The program is available for the company”s 8-bit 8051-based mixed-signal MCUs and new 32-bit Precision32(TM) product family based on the ARM Cortex(TM)-M3 core.

Silicon Labs” die sales program offers a unique mixed-signal test methodology at probe that enables fully tested die to be sold in wafer form. All wafers are tested to the same levels as packaged MCU products.  In addition, customers have the option of requesting factory programming of unpackaged die to further speed time to market.

“Many customers prefer the option of buying MCUs in die form because it gives them greater flexibility to optimize for space-constrained designs requiring small form factors and to implement their own custom packaging in module applications,” said Mike Salas, vice president and general manager of Silicon Labs” microcontroller products. “Ultimately, our new program takes the pain out of die sales by making it easier for customers to purchase fully tested MCU die in minimum orders as small as one wafer.”

Silicon Laboratories

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