Sierra Monitor’s FieldPoP device cloud IIoT-empowers modern workspaces

Sierra Monitor Corporation, a provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that connect and protect high-value infrastructure assets, has announced that Lencore, an innovative provider of comfort and safety solutions to modern commercial workplaces will use the FieldPoP device cloud as a foundation for its cloud strategy.


Modern workspaces are moving towards open and flexible environments, but the need for collaboration must be balanced with the employees’ need to focus on individual tasks. Additionally, shared and open workspaces must not compromise safety. Lencore, based out of Woodbury, New York, offers sound masking along with emergency notification solutions to modern workplaces as to make them more productive and safe. Each installation consists of a head-end controller that networks with input sources like microphones, telephones, music systems, fire alarm systems and public emergency notification systems, and output devices such as speakers, visual indicators, and paging horns distributed across the facility.


Typically, the head-end controller is accessed, managed, and supported by the installer and the facility manager locally within the facility. However, Lencore is introducing a “FieldPoP-Enabled” connector in their next-generation head-end controller that will automatically and securely register and connect the controller to the FieldPoP device cloud over the facility’s Internet connection, thereby creating a virtual instance of the physical controller. Facility managers, installers, and Lencore support professionals will be able to remotely interact with their assigned systems through the FieldPoP device cloud.


The benefits of secure remote connectivity are manifold. Individual employees can make changes to their personal spaces, security personnel can use it to send critical messages, and facility managers can make configuration changes and perform preventive maintenance upgrades remotely.


“Commercial office spaces are being redesigned due to generational and attitudinal shifts in work culture,” said Jonathan Leonard, president of Lencore. “Our products are enabling this transition, and cloud-enabling our system using FieldPoP is a key step in our innovation roadmap.”


“We are working with more than 20 OEMs in our beta and proof-of-concept program to understand customer use cases and to prepare FieldPoP for commercial deployment,” said Varun Nagaraj, CEO of Sierra Monitor. “I am pleased to see our program starting to bear fruit, with several customers including Lencore deciding to IIoT-Empower their solutions with our FieldServer gateway and FieldPoP device cloud.”

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