Sensors & Instrumentation Live – Broadband Technology 2000

Come and visit the BT2000 Electronic Components booth at Stand 45, Hall 2, NEC, Birmingham where we are demonstrating the latest PCTEL IBflex RF Telecom Scanning receiver which offers Precision Network Testing for 5G New Radio, LTE, Public Safety over a bandwidth of 10MHz to 6GHz.

The PCTEL IBflex is designed for in-building and small cell testing, but it also has the performance and accuracy needed for traditional drive testing. Low power consumption and a hot-swap battery system make the IBflex scanner a convenient tool for a long day of walk testing or interference hunting.

BT2000 are franchised suppliers of the world’s most innovative electronic products and solutions. Our wide range of applications include; Test Equipment, Emergency Services, Automotive, Aerospace/Military/Defence, Telecommunications, IOT, Navigation, Medical and Industrial.

We specialise in high quality, high precision, technically advanced, wireless communications, sensors, semiconductors and power components.

In addition, BT2000 will be joined by our suppliers show-casing Memsic Thermal Accelerometer and AMR Magnetometer ICs,   Vinatech Super Capacitors,  KDS Daishinku Crystal Oscillators and  PCTEL Antennas.

Also, we are promoting the very latest Aceinna Current, Pressure and Inertial Sensors;  TDK Invensense Motion, Pressure and Sound Sensors;  Maestro GNSS Receivers; Adactus Antennas  and SIM Cards;  Daico HiRel DC- 18GHz Amplifier and Control Modules; MSI Digital Filter and Audio/Video Communication ICs, Sensdev Pressure Sensors and Megachips ASIC & Display Port ICs.

About PCTEL RF Telecom Scanners






PCTEL’s IBflex®, HBflex™, and MXflex® scanning receivers are used to verify and improve the performance of wireless networks worldwide, including 5G NR, LTE, and public safety technologies. PCTEL scanning receivers support a variety of network engineering activities, including spectrum clearing, baseline testing, model tuning, network planning, network commissioning, acceptance testing, competitive benchmarking, troubleshooting, and network optimization. They integrate easily with third-party software and are supported by PCTEL’s own Engage™, SeeHawk®, and SeeWave® tools.

Key Features

  • 5G NR measurements
  • LTE, NB-IoT, public safety, and LTE-M measurements
  • LTE-LAA measurements (HBflex™ and IBflex®)
  • Wide mmWave (HBflex) and sub-6 GHz (all) band range
  • Field-upgradeable software-defined radio (SDR) architecture
  • Simultaneous testing on multiple technologies and bands

The HBflex is a highly flexible test tool for mmWave and traditional wireless spectrum. With 5G NR testing capabilities on both mmWave and sub-6 GHz bands, it can be used to clear spectrum or test 5G NR alongside LTE, NB-IoT, LAA, Wi-Fi, and legacy 3G and 2G wireless network technologies.

The MXflex scanning receiver is designed for benchmarking and co-managing multiple wireless network technologies across sub-6 GHz spectrum. 5G NR and 4×4 LTE MIMO measurements make it the ideal choice for optimizing user experience during the transition from 4G and 4.5G to 5G. The MXflex scanner features concurrent scanning for fast multi-technology and multi-channel measurements.






PCTEL’s SeeWave® interference locating system offers an economical, adaptable, and intuitive way to locate and eliminate network interference.

PCTEL Scanning Receiver Software






SeeHawk Touch data collection software for HBflex™, IBflex®, and MXflex® scanning receivers is a powerful tool for analyzing the performance of 5G NR, LTE, Wi-Fi, and other wireless networks. Featuring a touchscreen interface optimized for Android™ mobile devices, SeeHawk Touch is especially suited for in-building and outdoor walk tests when paired with the IBflex via Bluetooth™ interface. SeeHawk Touch software also offers optional tools for specialized engineering tasks, including the Signal Analyzer, Antenna Verification Testing (AVT), and Indoor Grid Testing for public safety networks.

PCTEL also offer walk test kits, batteries, antennas, and cables for their scanning receivers.

About PCTEL Antennas

The PCTEL antenna (27MHz to 6GHz frequency ) range offers:  High Performance GNSS, 5G, MIMO and Tetra ideal for Public Safety, Defense, Military, SATCOM, Industrial Wireless, Broadband Wireless and SCADA applications. The PCTEL range includes VHF, UHF,  High Rejection GNSS & timing, Wifi, 5G LTE frequencies in WIP, MIMO, Yagi, Panel, PUK, Combination & Embedded variants.               They offer a Standard warranty up to 10 years (based on model).

We look forward to discussing your unique requirements.

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