Sensors and Measurement with six percent growth in turnover

The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement polls its 480 members on the economic development every quarter. After a solid result of eight percent for last year, the sensor industry continued its rise in turnover with six percent in the first quarter of 2015. Thus, the sensor, measuring, and testing industry is staying on its course of stable growth.

Orders incoming went up by four percent in the first quarter of this year compared to the previous quarter. Suppliers and distributors have plans to augment their personnel. According to the polls, the generally small and medium sized enterprises in the sensor and measurement industry are planning to hire thirteen new engineers per every 1,000 employees.

“With a respectable rise in revenue of six percent, our branch of industry can present a solid growth curve for the first quarter,” concluded Thomas Simmons, AMA general manager. “Comparing our results with those of the goods producing industry with barely a one-percent increase in the first quarter, our sensors and measurement sector demonstrates sustained growth stability.” Simmons further stated that the broad range of industries supplied by the AMA member enterprises is a significant advantage.

“Engineering, electronics, medical technology, they’re all making their products smarter. And to do so, they need more and more sensing and measuring technology. The sensor technology for chemical and photonic parameters, for instance, is currently in an exciting phase of development. Upon technological maturity, accelerated advances quickly lead to increased areas of application and thus greater demand. This in turn stimulates further technical development. The greater spectrum of application stimulates demand. This results in increased market dynamics, such as those we’re seeing in optical and chemical sensors,” said Simmons about the current trends in the sensor industry.


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