Semtech set to participate in Swisscom’s IoT hackathon


Semtech Corporation today announced its planned participation in leading telecom provider Swisscom’s first Internet of Things (IoT) hackathon in Zürich on November 6-8 at Impact Hub Zürich. Semtech will assist competitors in the 40-hour hackathon competition by providing  instruction on the use of its LoRa RF long range wireless technology platform, which includes the tools participants need to build low-power, wide-area networks (LPWAN) to enable compelling IoT, machine-to-machine (M2M) and Smart City applications. Swisscom currently has LoRa-based IoT networks deployed in Geneva and Zürich to pilot test various IoT applications prior to nationwide deployment. 

Programmers, solutions makers, applications designers and entrepreneurs are expected to participate in the free hackathon, a two-day competition for people to conceptualize, create and present complete IoT projects. Participants will receive introductions to key IoT technologies, including LoRa, before kicking off the hackathon portion of the event. Teams will be eligible to win one of two awards from a jury of IoT experts and from the audience. The hackathon is hosted by Swisscom in partnership with Impact Hub Zürich, a recently opened co-working space.

“Semtech is excited to participate in this fun and educational event that will introduce some of Europe’s brightest developers and entrepreneurs to the IoT revolution and our standout LoRa RF technology,” said Hardy Schmidbauer, Director of Wireless Products at Semtech. “This is a great opportunity for IoT solutions providers, telecom operators and other IoT industry leaders to come together and educate the community about LPWAN.”

Semtech and the Swisscom M2M / IoT Centre of Competence hosted 40 hackathon participants at its LoRa Boot Camp in Zürich on October 28 in order to train the participants with a working LoRa starter kit and better equip them for both the November hackathon and the growing IoT landscape in general.


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