Selwyn extend their waterproof connector range

The Interconnection specialist Selwyn Electronics has recently their range of waterproof connectors, to complement their current products.

This range of Circular (5 different sizes), USB, RJ45, D-Sub, HDMI and RF connectors are available with IP67 or IP68 protection, in various sizes and locking styles. The Circular range is available with 2-14 contacts (including mixed power and signal contact), and in 4 different body sizes. Cable mount versions can be supplied as field terminating or custom over mould cable assemblies.

This new range offers an economical interconnect solution, for a variety of applications, which require a good level of waterproofing, or for use in hazardous environments. Alternatively, due to their low cost, this range could easily be considered for use in dry environments, giving a reliable, economical, locking connection.

Tel: 01732 765100

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