Selwyn expands connector to include economical waterproof range

Connector and cable assembly specialist Selwyn Electronics has recently launched a brand new range of waterproof connectors, to complement their current wide range of interconnect products.

This range of Circular, USB, RJ45, D-Sub and HDMI connectors are available with IP67 or IP68 protection, and a wide range of variations and locking styles. The Circular range is available with 2-14 contacts (including mixed power and signal contact versions), and in 4 different body sizes with diameters from 13mm to 30mm , in either plastic or metal shells, and with straight and right angle orientation. Cable mount versions can be supplied as field terminating or as custom overmould cable assemblies, with manufacturing in both China and the UK.

This new range offers an economical interconnect solution, for a variety of applications, which require a level of waterproofing, or for use in hazardous environments. Alternatively, due to their low cost, this range could easily be considered for use in dry and clean environments, giving a reliable, locking connection.

Selwyn feel that this new range of waterproof connectors fills a gap that they have had in their range up until now. They have always had a range of circular connectors, USB, RJ45, D-Sub and HDMI connectors but this waterproof range adds a new dimension, at remarkably low costs. Their circular range is now particularly strong, with their high quality push pull and friction locking ODU range, their range of Industrial Mil-C-5015 connectors, and now this new range of economical plastic connectors.

Another strong range of connectors that Selwyn have is their board to board connectors. These include standard pitch, low cost, headers and sockets, turned pin high reliability versions, as well as very low profile or very small pitch versions, when space is at a premium. They also have some very high pin count, surface mount connectors, as well as versions that have mixed gas flow testing certification for severe environment or long term reliability applications.

Selwyn’s cable to board I/O connectors include D-Sub, USB, IDC and Crimp style, but some feature products within this range are their SCSI type connectors, in 1.27mm and 0.635mm pitch versions. Both of these products offer a reliable shielded high speed data transmission solution, with the 0.8mm pitch version suitable for Mini Camera Link applications.

Other connector types which feature strongly within Selwyn’s range are SATA and SAS connectors, Coaxial RF connectors, Network/Telecom connectors including shielded RJ45’s, terminal blocks and BGA sockets and adapters.

If you are looking for a particular connector style that is not available or you need a variation on a standard connector type, Selwyn has always had a strong custom connector design and manufacturing service. They utilise, wherever possible, existing tooling and modify as necessary to keep the manufacturing costs down, and can begin product supply surprisingly quickly. Although custom connectors are generally rarely considered, Selwyn are adamant that they shouldn’t be disregarded, to compromise your product design.

As well as their wide range of connectors, Selwyn has been manufacturing custom cable assemblies for more than twenty years. They can assist with the cable assembly design, if necessary, and even provide drawings for approval. They can select the appropriate connectors from their own range or use connectors selected by their customer and then either manufacture them in the UK or China. With manufacturing facilities in both countries, this gives Selwyn the advantage of choosing the most appropriate location to match the particular assembly and quantity, to supply what is required in the most cost effective way. All of their assemblies are fully inspected and electronically tested, to ensure 100% reliability.

Further information on Selwyn’s product range can be found on their extensive website, along with more details of their cable assembly manufacturing service. They have always put a strong emphasis on their customer service level and Engineering support, with the ability to also offer customized stockholding, packaging, and a delivery system to suit their customer’s exact requirements. They regard themselves as “The Interconnections Specialist”, concentrating on connectors and cable assemblies, and with thirty years’ experience and knowledge to back this up.

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