Selwyn Electronics – the ODU UK connector distributor

Selwyn Electronics has been appointed as the UK Distributor for ODU connectors. They will be promoting the full range of connectors, push-pull, modular, single contact, heavy duty, docking/robotic connectors and can also offer a full cable assembly service for these products from their ODU approved UK facility.

The push-pull series encompasses IP50 to IP68 rated cable and panel mount connectors. As the name suggests these connectors secure themselves giving protection from accidental disconnection. The range includes four variants: ODU Mini Snap, ODU Mini AMC (both of these ranges have robust metal housings); ODU Medi Snap and Mini Snap PC (plastic housings). There are push-pull series inserts which have been designed for Ethernet, USB 2 and 3, and HDMI applications.

The ODU Mac modular system is an open system which allows the combination of standard solutions and individual options to be included in one modular connector. The flexible modular design enables the combination of a wide range of different combinations within one connection, which can include signals, high frequency, high voltage, fibre optic and pneumatic such as air or liquid.

Choosing the right contact is essential. The ODU single contacts provide optimal solutions for individual requirements and maintain the quality of connection beyond the lifetime of the product. The ODU Springtac (contact with springwire technology) developed by the company founder, still sets the standard for reliability in the connector industry. The ODU Lamtec contact also offers exceptionally high contact reliability and is a cost effective alternative.

The ODU heavy duty connectors are a robust circular series of connectors that will withstand rain, wind, water, snow or frost. Whether installed into container cranes or in the smelting furnace, the solid housings are configured for very harsh environments. The ODU Springtac contacts are used as contact elements for the connection of signals or high current. This ensures a safe and continuous connection even under vibration.

The functional safety and flexibility are indispensable in docking and robotic applications. Industrial robots, cable-hose assembly, tool changeover or storage systems and fully automated testing facilities are just a few of the many applications in which this range has been developed for.

Selwyn offer not only the ODU high quality connectors, but have a fully approved facility to manufacture cable assemblies using the ODU connectors. They have been assembling cable assemblies for ODU for a number of years and have the experience and know how to produce high quality cable assemblies utilising the ODU ranges.

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