Sefram’s new versatile, handheld data logger from Aspen

Data Loggers are changing more rapidly now than ever before. Already in use by many industrial users for measuring voltage, temperature etc. the growth in “sensor related” systems means there has never been a better time for those working with sensors to consider an instrument like the Sefram DAS 50 from Aspen Electronics.


These new DAS 30 and DAS 50 handheld data loggers, with their intuitive user interface and large touch LCD screen, are designed for ease of use for both data recording and transfer of records. They are the ultimate versatile development interfaces suitable for many applications such as maintenance/failure diagnostic on electrical systems; voltage, current, temperature recording and monitoring; power analysis for single phase and three phase systems. With universal inputs to cover all types of signals, the DAS 50 4 channel datalogger can be configured to measure a whole series of parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure etc. It has an excellent bandwidth specification, ensuring high resolution measurements, plus a 32GB internal memory which means you can set it to record data for weeks.  Measurements (traces, digital values) can be viewed and recorded directly in the internal memory; USB memory stick or directly to your computer via the Ethernet connection and Sefram software.


Sefram’s DAS 30 & DAS 50 handheld data loggers will have many applications as the “Internet of Things” (IOT) takes off. The development of IOT systems will need test equipment to mimic the electronic sensor systems being designed to make these measurements – especially products that rely upon a sensor to convert a physical parameter such as temperature, humidity, pressure, number of events per hour or sunlight into an easily readable form. For example temperature changes over a period of time, or how much sunlight our solar panels are seeing, or how much energy a piece of machinery is using.


Any Sefram DAS 50 loggers purchased before the 30th December 2016 will receive a free Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

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