Secure dual authentication

Panduit has launched the SmartZone G5 Security Handle for ITE cabinets, designed to meet the most rigorous security challenges, both physical and digital, in today’s data centre environments. The multi-functional smart handle offers configurations with a keypad to compliment users’ operational requirements. The integrated keypad version enables dual authentication by allowing for a card swipe and pin-code combination.

The G5 Security handle seamlessly mates with most data centre cabinets and has the capability to read both low frequency (125kHz) and high frequency (13.5MHz) cards. The handle has been designed to be current and future compliant with regulations required within this environment and is also GDPR ready, HIPAA ready and PCI-DSS ready to ensure that this design meets data centres and users’ cabinet security needs.

It can support 200 authorised users and features an integral humidity sensor allowing humidity sensing to be optimally placed near the centre of the cabinet. The Status LED provides visual indication of the handle and security status.

For more information:   *See Panduit G5 PDU User Manual for complete definition of Beacon and Status LED alerts.

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