Sci Fi Your Pi – The end of the road

Earlier this year, element14 and Pi Trading launched the Sci Fi Your Pi design challenge, which saw 25 finalists from around the world come together to build devices inspired by their favourite science fiction TV shows, films and books. The participants wasted no time stepping up to the challenge and the designs are some of the most creative we have seen, ranging from robotic assistants and hologram video conferencing tools, to tricorders that evaluate atmospheric conditions.

After a rigorous judging process conducted by a panel of experts, including judges from Pi Trading and MAKE magazine, element14 Community member Enrico Miglino from Spain was announced as the winner for his design, Meditech. Enrico received the winning prize of $500 worth of sci-fi movie memorabilia, including the real Boba Fett bounty hunter helmet that was used in the film.

Inspired by the Star Trek series, Enrico’s device features the Raspberry Pi 2, along with a multimeter, to facilitate the measurement of biometric signals. This means that Meditech can monitor blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and bloody glucose, all well as assessing body image and eye health.

Star Trek-inspired designs were plentiful and another interesting build was US-based Michael Hahn’s scientific tricorder that can measure the environment’s temperature and humidity.

However, designs weren’t just limited to this one popular franchise. Frederick Vandenbosch from Belgium created PiDesk, a normal desk that he transformed into an interactive series of motion sensors to replicate the one featured in Tron Legacy. And finally, Joey Thompson from the US created QuadCop, a low-cost quadcopter that can deliver security screenings, inspired by the Terminator series.

Sci Fi Your Pi is part of our wider Engineering a Connected World initiative, which aims to inspire engineers from around the world and connect them with powerful ideas and to each other. Through this challenge alone, we have seen the power of the Raspberry Pi and the creativity it inspired amongst our engineers and we are certain that this is just the beginning of the opportunities that new technologies and innovation will open up.


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