Schneider Electric revolutionises safety features with Masterpact MTZ smartphone app

Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, has launched a new smartphone tool for its Masterpact MTZ low-voltage (LV) circuit breakers. Providing full remote monitoring and control, the app will help electrical contractors, energy managers and facility managers work in complete safety and with increased convenience.

The Masterpact MTZ made its UK debut in 2016, and continues to be one of Schneider Electric’s smartest connected ranges of circuit breaker. With industry-first embedded Class 1 metering and improved performance in harsh environments, the MTZ cuts the costs and improves the safety of power distribution for industrial sites and commercial buildings.

The app enhances and extends the safety features of the device. It allows users to monitor and control the circuit breaker safely by using their smart phone as the main human-machine interface. The app enables them to check the MTZ’s condition at a distance and even in the event of a power outage.

The Masterpact MTZ app also extends the functionality of the circuit breaker. Users will be able to look up the full records of device health straight from their phones, helping them review performance over a period of time and anticipate when maintenance is required.

The app also gives users the option to open and close the circuit breaker enclosure over Bluetooth. This removes the need for them to physically touch or stand near to the device, protecting them from any potential issues.

Gary Buckingham, product and segment marketing manager at Schneider Electric, said: “Much like the Masterpact MTZ started a revolution in power distribution, so too will the new app redefine operation, safety and flexibility. In critical supply environments such as hospitals and data centres, electrical supply availability and reliability is a major concern. The ability to use our mobile devices to help prevent power supply interuptions and get the site restarted after a fault is a major development for the industry and site users”

For more information, and to download the Masterpact MTZ tool, please visit

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