Schneider Electric reaches out a helping hand to panel builders

Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, has launched Ecoreach, a commissioning and configurator tool for panel builders. Ecoreach makes the configuration and maintenance of panels containing connected devices quick and easy. It saves panel builders precious time and their clients the cost of business disruption.

Businesses are waking up to the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the benefits that connected devices can offer. Smart components, embedded in electrical equipment such as distribution boards, are saving businesses costs by making asset control and maintenance more efficient.

However, the presence of smart devices can add an extra layer of complexity to the panel building and configuration process. Ensuring that all the smart components within a panel are connected and working together can take up a significant amount of a panel builder’s limited time.

Ecoreach looks to optimise panel commissioning and configuration. Accessible via PC, the software tool automatically detects the smart devices contained within a panel or board.

Through a simple and easily understandable graphical interface, it depicts the communication architecture in place and displays if the components are working together as they should. This saves significant time during the configuration process, helping the panel builder construct and configure more panels in less time.

The tool will also prove useful in aiding panel maintenance and check-ups by replacing unnecessary manual work. Ecoreach provides users with a quick overview of device status and compatibility, flagging any changes or problems during operation for quick resolution.

Ecoreach is the product of over two years of iteration and active use in the field by panel builders. The latest version works with Schneider Electric’s latest product ranges, including its Masterpact circuit breakers.

Gary Buckingham, product and segment marketing manager at Schneider Electric, said: “While product configurators have been with us for some time, none are as easy to use or focus on smart devices like Ecoreach does. The new tool updates our current offering and ensures panel builders can work quickly and efficiently with the next generation of connected devices.”

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