Samsung introduces second generation chip-on-board LED packages for spotlights and other directional lighting

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced component solutions, announces its second generation of D-series chip-on-board (COB) LED packages. The second generation features the industry’s highest light efficacy in COB lineups and is suitable for directional lighting applications such as multifaceted reflector (MR) bulbs, parabolic-aluminised reflector (PAR) lamps, spotlights, downlights and high bay lights.


This new D-series Generation 2 offers efficacy at 160lm/W (5000K CCT, 80 CRI, 85°C) — a significant improvement from the Gen 1 efficacy level of 150lm/W. The Gen 2 additions greatly enrich Samsung’s COB lineup by providing more extensive lighting source options for spot lighting and most other directional lighting. The D-series Gen 2 also offers 50 per cent lower thermal resistance than Gen 1.


In addition, all 11 different wattage offerings in the D-series Gen 2 deliver high reliability and performance levels that meet DLC Premium standards (technical requirements for LED lighting solutions suggested by DesignLights Consortium). DLC standards are recognised in North America as a preferred means of evaluating LED lighting products in terms of performance and quality.


The D-series Gen 2 is available for a wide range of colour-rendering index levels from CRI 70+ to 90+, and for “vivid’ lighting, in providing colour spectrums that have been optimised for retail markets. This satisfies the need of many lighting designers to have richer, more vibrant colours.

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