Samsung introduces new generation of high-efficiency Green Memory solutions

Samsung Electronics has announced its fifth generation of green memory at the Memory Solutions Forum being held in Frankfurt. Samsung has introduced advanced memory solutions which have been optimised for next generation data centres that use cloud computing based on a big data platform. This type of infrastructure is rapidly increasing in support of the mobile computing industry.

The newly presented fifth generation green memory solutions are intended to help resolve key data centre issues by achieving dramatic performance improvements, securing additional physical space for systems, and saving large amounts of power.

Designed to achieve dramatic improvements in investment efficiency by upgrading current standard IT systems and suggesting new ones, Samsung”s fifth generation of memory includes:

  • Green DDR4, which delivers high speed, low power and high reliability
  • A Green PCIe Solid State Drive (SSD) which enhances system efficiency with six times faster performance than that of a 600MB/s SATA SSD
  • A high-efficiency green memory solution that combines green DDR4 with a green PCIe SSD

The Green DDR4 solution achieves a server data transfer speed of 2,133 megabits per second (Mb/s), a leap over DDR3″s performance limit of 1,866 Mb/s. This enables a 15 percent performance boost and consumes 24 percent less energy. It also provides a greater amount of error correction in further improving system reliability. Samsung said that it is planning on expanding the high-speed DDR4 DRAM market even more in the future with additional next-generation products and will be able to eventually offer DDR4 with a data transfer speed of 3,200Mb/s, 1.5 times faster than today”s DDR4 enterprise products.

Samsung”s green PCIe SSD solution offers a data transfer speed of four gigabytes per second (GB/s), which is six times faster than 600MB/s SATA SSD”s, while reducing the delay in data transfer by 67 percent. These performance upgrades will further maximise IT return on investment by increasing the level of energy efficiency approximately 2.6 times. Samsung plans to introduce other next-generation PCIe SSDs, based on its new 3D V-NAND technology and a new proprietary NAND controller, at a later date, in further expanding the premium SSD market.

A combination of Samsung”s DDR4 and PCIe SSD green memory solutions will enhance the performance of server systems approximately 1.6 times and quadruple system capacity by eliminating unnecessary data duplication in the enterprise storage systems. As a result, the combined solution can achieve the highest level of efficiency among widely used green IT solutions and overcome difficult prerequisites for new server systems involving budget, power consumption and space optimisation.

If all server systems adopted Samsung”s fifth generation green memory solutions, an anticipated power savings of 45 terawatts per hour could be achieved. This translates into six billion people saving the power needed for everyday smartphone use for two years, which is equivalent to planting 800 million 10-year-old trees.


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