Saft leads the way in lithium-ion energy storage for smart city and clean tech applications

Saft, a designer and manufacturer of high-tech industrial batteries, is presenting its portfolio of leading-edge lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery solutions at Hannover Messe. The emphasis is on effective, fully commercialised energy storage that is being deployed worldwide across the full spectrum of smart city and clean tech industrial applications.  

Visitors to Hall 27 Stand D40 can discover how Saft’s Li-ion battery systems provide the backup power and energy storage essential to turn the smart city and clean tech dream into reality. These installations encompass a wide spectrum of applications from renewable energy integration, smart grids, smart buildings, datacenters and hybrid telecoms through to silent, zero-emission industrial and commercial vehicles. Saft is developing an expanding range of Li-ion system solutions that meet the specific needs of each application for power and energy performance, reliability, cycling capability and long calendar life.

Containerised energy storage

The main highlight in the energy storage sector is Saft’s Intensium Max. This containerised system provides megawatt scale energy storage to integrate renewable energy or support smart grids. Since Intensium Max was launched around 70 containers have been deployed worldwide, from Bolivia to Japan. An important recent project is a “Cold Temperature Package” that was delivered to Canada’s Northwest Territories Power Corporation in early 2015 to form part of a hybrid diesel-solar microgrid for a community in the Arctic Circle. Intensium Max containers and Intensium Smart rack mounted solutions are also deployed in many installations to support smart grids and smart buildings.

Sustainable transportation

Demand is growing for pure electric and hybrid vehicles that offer low or zero emissions and silent operations. Saft is presenting its Ion’Drive® 630 V battery system for industrial and commercial vehicles that require extended driving range and high reliability to sustain round-the-clock operations. A typical example is the TBL 800 eSchlepper, an airport tractor designed by Kalmar Motor AB that is under testing at Frankfurt airport where it is carrying out pushback operations for A380 aircraft, among other tasks. This world-first hybrid electric tractor is expected to generate annual savings of 70,000 Euro per vehicle in maintenance and fuel costs, and reduce CO2 emission by more than half.

Telecom backup

Saft is also demonstrating its Intensium Flex back-up batteries for UPS. Available in high or medium power format, Intensium Flex modules offer 3 to 30 minutes back-up for datacenters and have a lower footprint than conventional battery solutions.

For remote telecoms sites where mains power is unreliable or non-existent, Evolion offers a high performance, low maintenance, rugged solution that ensures exceptional reliability and long life, even in extreme temperatures. In a major contract with Reliance Jio Infocomm (RJIL), Evolion has been installed at more than 15,000 sites as part of India’s only national 4G/LTE network.

Evolion is also suitable for the fast growing hybrid power system sector. Working in combination with a diesel genset, solar panels and/or a wind turbine, the Li-ion modules can maintain high availability while significantly reducing the generator runtime, cutting emissions and achieving major savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

Remote service support

The Saft team can also outline the latest service options to ensure long-term reliability and high performance of global battery fleets. This includes e-monitoring for Li-ion battery systems, which enables real-time remote monitoring of battery operation via the web from anywhere in the world, including precise location, state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH). The service is already in operation in a number of innovative installations.

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