Safety first! We care about you and your safety. From safety sensors for machinery to safety vests for children

Panasonic, one of the leading manufacturers of safety engineering technology, takes a proactive approach to keep children safe on the road.

Panasonic cares about children’s safety

Unfortunately, children are involved in many road accidents – they are easy to overlook in busy road traffic. This is why we would like to give your child a safety vest so that they can walk to kindergarten or school more safely. But there’s more: We’ll throw in 20 safety vests for the class or kindergarten group of your child. Simply fill in the order form and we will send you the safety vests at the end of the campaign.

Panasonic cares about the safety of workers on the production floor

The goal of Panasonic’s machine safety solutions – these include safety light curtains, safety control units, safety sensors, safety switches, safety relays, and safety laser scanners – is to reduce the risk of accidents on the industrial production floor and near machines close to zero. Our safety systems are designed in a way that they continually check themselves to exclude malfunctions as completely as possible.

Panasonic offers innovative products to ensure the safety of people and machines

In the future, there will be more interaction between man and machine. As machinery is getting more and more complex, there is a need for modern safety concepts. With the new safety light curtains of the SF4D series, Panasonic meets this need in all phases: from the planning stage to commissioning, operation, and maintenance of safety devices.

Installation of safety light curtains made simple

Many customers have reported that the installation, positioning, and re-adjustment of light curtains takes up too much time and that they consider this as one of the biggest challenges of the industry. This is why Panasonic has focused on improving this aspect when the SF4D series was developed. To save time, LED indicators on the light curtain, a software displaying the light intensity received for each beam axis, and easily adjustable mounting brackets assist with the positioning of the sender and receiver during the installation.

Environmental resistance

The stability of the housing has been enhanced with a redesigned aluminium body. Thanks to the optimised electronics, which have been downsized to a fraction of that of conventional light curtains, it was possible to reinforce the aluminium case structure without changing the outer dimensions. The new interior design prevents twisting and bending (which tend to occur when mounting long safety light curtains) and makes the housing resistant against mechanical stress caused by e.g. contact with machines or transport vehicles. This way, machine downtime caused by mechanical damage to a safety light curtain is prevented.

Reliability – even under extreme conditions

Improved optical features such as stronger LEDs, a better alignment function and a better way of focusing have increased the sensing range up to 15 meters and guarantee a trouble-free operation even in harsh industrial environments. The so-called ELCA function prevents unwanted machine downtime caused by extraneous light or interferences from other safety light curtains in the vicinity. This function makes the SF4D series ideal for use for example in combination with Panasonic welding robots.

Easy to analyse, easy to maintain

A free software supports you during the configuration and assists with the maintenance. The software uses parameter values such as light intensity to estimate and schedule future maintenance work. As the safety light curtains can be used with standard M12 connectors, they can be easily replaced in case of failure. The safety light curtain displays information about the current status and possible problems, the software assists with troubleshooting.

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