Safe, speedy non-contact troubleshooting with unique new thermal-imaging clamp metre from RS Components

RS Components, the trading brand of Electrocomponents, the global distributor for engineers, has the solution to persistent and hard-to-find electrical faults that can result in multiple service calls and drive up the cost of fixing the problem. The new FLIR CM174 clamp metre with built-in thermal imaging helps pinpoint faults such as intermittent connections, which can have thermal effects that conventional test gear cannot see.

RS Components is now stocking this world-first test solution from FLIR, which features a 2.0-inch colour TFT in the handset that shows hotspots detected using FLIR’s IGM (Infrared Guided Measurement) thermal-imaging technology. Using this feature, electricians can quickly and safely diagnose faults without coming into contact with wiring or components, or find the true causes of faults in unexpected places. For instance, a faulty motor controller may be suspected of causing an equipment failure, but the FLIR CM174 may identify an overheating motor or a loose connection. Electricians facing cluttered wires or scanning complex panels for hazards can work at a safe distance, using IGM to show the anomalies without reaching into the panel.

The FLIR CM174 captures a 38.6” x 50” field of view and presents a thermal image of 480-pixels resolution and temperature range -25°C to 150°C. A built-in laser and cross hairs guide the user to items in the field of view.

This thermal-imaging capability augments the FLIR CM174’s high-performing clamp meter, which has a narrow, 35mm, jaw opening and is able to measure currents up to 600A at voltages up to 1000V. A built-in light aids use in challenging conditions such as confined spaces inside wiring cabinets. Clamp measurement modes include True RMS, LoZ, VFD Mode, Inrush, and Smart Diode with Disable. If needed, users can extend the FLIR CM174’s measurement range up to 3000 Amps AC with FLIR FLEX accessories.


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