Rutronik stocking mainboard family with latest 4th Gen Intel Core chipsets from Fujitsu

Rutronik is now stocking Fujitsu’s new family of D322x-B of µATX mainboards with LGQA1150 sockets. The mainboards support the 4th generation Intel Core processor family. The new mainboards, the D3220-B with the Intel B85 chipset, D3221-B with Intel’s Q83 chipset and the D3222-B with Intel’s Q87 chipset are now mass-produced using the latest versions of the respective chipsets.

All boards of the D322x-B family share the same layout and drivers, which helps with the design-in of the mainboards and offers flexibility with regard to customers” requirements and pricing. Their voltage supply has been optimised for the lowest possible level of energy consumption. Additionally, the Fujistu SilentFan technology ensures very quiet, but safe operation thanks to temperature-based control of ventilation. All models use a high-quality Intel Gigabit Ethernet Network Connection and require no more than two soldering processes.

Fujitsu”s µATX mainboards of the D322x-B family areintended for remote management with various software solutions. Fujitsu DeskView offers a comprehensive solution for in-band management, i.e. the remote access to the mainboard while the operating system is running. Out-of-band management, i.e. remote access on the BIOS level while the operating system is switched off or dysfunctional, is particularly important for unstaffed embedded applications.

In cooperation with American Megatrends, Fujitsu caters to out-of-band management needs with the remote management solution AMI Megarac XMS, based on iAMT or DASH. A free demo version hereof comes with every item from the new mainboard family.


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