Rutronik presents XP-series by Nesscap

Durable and top-performing even under adverse conditions: Nesscap’s new XP-series has been specially engineered for applications that operate over long durations in environments with high temperature and humidity.

Under the ‘Biased Humidity Test’ conditions (2.7V, 90 per cent relative humidity, 60°C), Nesscap‘s new XP-series stands out with a significantly longer service life under direct current conditions in comparison with standard cells.

XP products are offered at capacitance ranging from 3F to 50F with dimensions and electrical specifications identical to those of Nesscap‘s corresponding standard cells. The XP-series features patented closure and contact technology. All products have been extensively tested to ensure adherence to strict performance standards and are compliant with RoHS, UL and REACH. The XP-series is rated for temperatures between -40°C and +65°C and provides a long cycle stability for at least 500,000 charging / discharging cycles.

More information on the Nesscap XP-series and order possibility on the e-commerce platform

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