Rutronik offering compact multi-chip LED for interior lighting from Osram

Osram Opto Semiconductors has extended its Duris “S” LED series with the introduction of the Duris S 8. The new multi-chip, high-power LED offers more light from a smaller surface and is primarily for directional and omnidirectional retrofits, as well as in LED spots in indoor lighting. It is suitable for directional lighting in office and business premises, as well as in the home. Rutronik is now stocking the new Duris S 8 in two versions.

Colour consistency (colour binning) in directional retrofits is achieved through the close grouping of LEDs, which corresponds to the coverage of a 5-step MacAdam ellipse. 3-step MacAdam grouping is additionally available for applications requiring good colour homogeneity. The Duris S 8 is grouped by colour coordinates at the junction temperature of 100°C instead of at room temperature and in terms of colour rendering, it has a CRI of more than 80.

The Duris S 8 measures 5.8 x 5.2mm and is available in two versions: with six or eight chips. Version 1 (six chips) comes with a grouping current of 200mA, forward voltage of 18.6 up to 22.2V and a luminous flux of 390lm at typical 25°C and 3,000K. Thanks to the luminous flux of 500lm at 200mA, a directional retrofit is possible even with the 8-chip version. This model has a forward voltage of 24.8 up to 29.6V, for which compact, low-cost driver modules are available on the market. The Duris S 8 package consists of an innovative plastic housing material that is not only particularly resistant to ageing at high temperatures and in short-wave light, but also costs less than the ceramic housing frequently used.


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