Rutronik now stocking MEMS sensor solutions from Kionix

Rutronik is now stocking MEMS sensor solutions from Kionix. The product range covers acceleration sensors and combination sensors, which unite several functions in one sensor. Among the solutions on offer is the ARM-based KX23H sensor hub – an innovative new product in the accelerometer sector.

The KX23H combines a high-performance, low-power 3-axis acceleration sensor with a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 microcontroller in a 3x3x30.9mm housing. An extensive library of movement processing software provides the user with a range of functions including: a step counter and calorie counter, movement monitoring as well as the possibility of distinguishing between different types of movements such as walking, running, car or train.

Furthermore, there are additional functions for tap/double-tap, screen rotation, tipping and many more. Other acceleration sensors from Kionix are available in various housing sizes from 2x2x0.9mm to 5x5x1.2mm.

A highlight in the 9-axis combination sensors now availabel from Rutronik is the first magnetic gyro solution. Here, a gyro is emulated on the basis of the magnetic field and acceleration sensors. The KMX61G accelerometer/magnetometer solution from Kionix offers precision due to highly developed sensor fusion software and automatic calibration algorithms. Optimised especially for mobile applications, the KMX61G in the 3x3x0.9mm housing requires only 450µA current and thereby significantly less than the presently available hardware gyroscope for the end customer market.

Test specimens are available right now from Rutronik.

Kionix is a leading manufacturer of MEMS sensor solutions with special expertise for embedded algorithms such as tap recognition, screen rotation, gesture recognition and activity monitoring. Product innovations include the first miniature-sized 3-axis acceleration sensor or the first acceleration sensor with integrated algorithm for free-fall recognition.

“With Kionix products, we can now offer our customers an even more extensive range of sensors for completely different applications,” explained Martin Grimmer, Senior Marketing Manager Analog & Sensors at Rutronik. “They are especially interesting solutions because they combine high performance with low power.” 

Since 2009, Kionix has been a subsidiary of ROHM Semiconductor.



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