Ruggedised and waterproof Piezo switches now available from Diamond Electronics

Diamond Electronics, a specialist distributor of optoelectronics, interconnection, power semiconductor and switching components announces the availability of the ONPOW range of rugged and waterproof Piezo electric push button switches. Using pressure sensitive Piezo elements, which avoid the reliability issues of touch sensing alternatives, mounted in solid, sealed metal housings the devices are ideal for a wide range of HMI applications including external access control and door entry systems, ticketing machines for parking and bus tickets etc., public washrooms, medical equipment, fuel pump stations, industrial equipment, water control and mining control systems.


Manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel, Diamond Electronics range of piezo switches may be customised with bespoke graphics or text for a customer’s specific application. LED illumination in spot or ring format may be specified providing visual indication of action and enhancing the appearance of the end product. Sealed to IP65 as standard the Diamond Electronics range of piezo switches may be designed in to applications where aggressive chemicals are in use or where high humidity coupled with extremes of temperature may compromise the function or reliability of other switching technologies.


Peter Hall, sales director of Diamond Electronics, said, “Our range piezoelectric technology based switch products offer highly reliable industrial switches that are among the most robust and cost effective HMI solutions in the market. Silent operation is a major benefit for medical systems and other low ambient noise environments.”

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