Rugged, reliable SMA fibre-optic devices from OMC transmit digital signals with ease

High launch power, sensitivity and precision ensure reliable data transmission in industrial applications

OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics and one of the world’s longest-established manufacturers of standard and bespoke industrial fibre-optic components, has launched the H22R6850G, a rugged, reliable receiver for multimode glass and polymer fibre systems and its corresponding transmitter, H22E6850G, both in the widely-preferred SMA package.

The high-sensitivity H22R6850G is optimised for use with 850nm transmitters and provides a direct 0-5V digital output, allowing direct connection to digital circuitry. It can also be used with 660nm transmitters making it ideal for use with polymer fibre systems as well as multimode glass. The device features a precision-machined all-metal body and incorporates a rugged screw-mounting mechanical connection to the circuit board, providing unparalleled consistency and ruggedness and ensuring that it can withstand the challenges of the industrial environment.

When used with OMC’s matching H22E6850G high-output 850nm SMA transmitter, which incorporates the same high-reliability features, along with OMC’s high-performance optical terminations, an exceptionally long life, consistent optical link can be achieved.

Comments OMC’s Commercial Director, William Heath: “The metal SMA connector system has a number of unique features that make it ideal for industrial applications. Unlike systems that rely on a latching mechanism or spring to locate the ferrule and hold it in place, the SMA system’s connector nut holds the ferrule much more firmly, ensuring exceptionally long-lasting, secure coupling between the diode and the fibre face. This provides a truly fit-and-forget solution which has the potential to last for many decades without the need for maintenance. We have customers using our SMA devices alongside our high performance optical terminations who justifiably expect the optical links to perform for twenty, thirty or even forty years. The devices provide excellent launch power and sensitivity, and should the application demand it we can use our proprietary Active Alignment technology to produce the devices to specific electro-optical performance windows.”

OMC offers a wide range of transmitter/receiver parts as standard products, and can house diodes in a variety of housings and connector systems to provide the most appropriate solution for each application. The company also specialises in re-engineering obsolete transmitter, receiver and connectors to support legacy systems requiring maintenance or refurbishment.

About OMC

Founded in the mid-1980s as The Fibre-Data Group, OMC is one of the longest-established specialist manufacturers of optoelectronics in Europe, headquartered in Cornwall, UK. Accredited to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and winners of the UK National Electronic Component Award for Innovation, OMC is a pioneer in the development, manufacture and application of cutting-edge LED and fibre-optic technologies for a wide range of industries and companies worldwide, and places a major focus on research and development, engineering and innovation. OMC’s commitment to the highest standards of quality, performance and engineering support is recognised within the industry. OMC has four key manufacturing divisions: Fibre Optics; LED Backlights and Optical Mouldings; Discrete Optoelectronic Components; and Semiconductor (LED) Lighting.

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