RS Components broadens range with hundreds of high-quality resistors and passives from Ohmite

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc, the global distributor for engineers, is building on its global agreement with Ohmite Manufacturing with a rapid portfolio expansion of Ohmite brand high-quality resistors.


The agreement also covers the ARCOL brand, which RS has been distributing for more than three decades prior to and since its acquisition by Ohmite Manufacturing in 2015. The Ohmite and ARCOL branded portfolio includes resistive products that focus on high-voltage, high-current and high-energy applications that suit a variety of industrial market sectors including heavy industry, medical, military and aerospace.


The new portfolio augmentation includes more than 500 lines of Ohmite products that deliver multiple options to design engineers. Device types include ceramic composite ‘pulseaters’, metal-element current sense, wirewound rheostats, and Slim Mox precision thick-film type devices. In total, more than 4,500 Ohmite and ARCOL products are now stocked and available to order online from RS.


The expansion emphasises its broader support for resistor technologies such as axial wire element, vitreous enamel, silicone ceramic axial wirewound, current sense, and anti-surge, offering customers fast access to a broad range of technologies and resistance values for high-power requirements.


“RS has furthered its relationship with Ohmite Manufacturing to provide customers with technical excellence and access to market-leading products for use across many sectors, including electronics, automotive, industrial, transport, and computing and communications,” said Eric Smith, Global Head of IP&E at RS.


This range expansion represents a key milestone in our relationship with RS, which offers world-class e-commerce and logistical capabilities, enabling us to reach a wider base of customers who require high-quality electronic components,” said Greg Pace, President of Ohmite Manufacturing.

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