Routescene UAV LidarPod enables surveys in hostile regions

This year Routescene LidarPod will be on show at DSEI 2015. New to the market in 2014, this cutting edge technology has many applications in the defence market including surveillance mapping, object location such as mines and route surveys to assess suitability for roads and bridges.

The LiadPod has been specifically designed for use on UAVs which enables surveys to be undertaken in hostile regions and hazardous conditions. This disruptive technology is revolutionising surveying because:

– It makes the inaccessible accessible. Invaluable and the only safe way to survey dangerous and hostile environments where access is difficult such as areas of conflict or disaster zones. It avoids exposure or emergency response.

– Where speed is of the essence. Fast data collection and analysis, perfect in situations where speed is of the essence and the outcomes are needed immediately, for instance, in reconnaissance or emergency response.

– Remote locations. The only viable solution for remote locations or those with poor infrastructure where airborne (fixed wing) LiDAR is prohibitively expensive.

At Routescene our aim is to radically alter the surveying world, allowing surveys to take place that previously would have been cost or time prohibitive. The Routescene LidarPod was developed to save time, improve efficiencies and productivity. The LidarPod is a turnkey system which is lightweight, compact and quick to deploy in the field. It enables faster surveys and reduces data download time, ensuring users are working with resulting datasets within hours. It can be used on vehicles as well as UAVs, so is flexible to use in many different environments.

Since launch, to ensure the product is accessible globally and to provide timely customer service, the company has appointed Imagemaps as a distributor in Australia and SE Asia, opened an office in Scandinavia, with further distributors to be announced over the coming months.

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