Rollout of windshield breakage detection IoT device

MUNIC, the specialist in artificial intelligence and embedded technologies for the automotive and fleet sectors, today announced that Jack, developer of the first windshield breakage detection solution has selected the solution to support Jack’s rollout in the United States and Europe.

The Jack windshield-mounted device detects windshield impacts, analyzes the severity and location data from each impact using proprietary cloud-based machine learning algorithms, and then notifies the vehicle owner or insurer in real-time to enable proactive repair maintenance when required. With timely repairs, the goal is to mitigate glass maintenance costs by 50% or more.

In selecting, Jack now have the ability to diagnose thousands of vehicle data sources, thereby ensuring effective predictive maintenance for their customers and also access to a range of partner services including tyre replacement and bodyshop repair specialists.

Utilising OBD-II dongles or the C4Max ensures a less invasive experience for Jack’s customers. The devices provide Jack with the opportunity to integrate seamlessly, in a way that is invisible to the driver, with the device already plugged and powered by the car with no requirement to communicate via the app.

Jack also benefits from the powerful Edge computing engine installed in devices (OBD dongle and C4Max) and the cloud platform which collects, processes, stores, and distributes the real-time data of millions of vehicles in the field. Data produced by all Electronic control Units (ECU) and sensors in the vehicle is constantly collected and processed to ensure that Jack’s customers receive the latest information concerning the condition of their vehicles.

Aaron Solomon, CEO, said: “The devices provide Jack with an open platform for the scanning of every car manufactured after 1996. While the OBD-II port of vehicles provides data, the Edge and Cloud solution analyses the data collected in the cloud and the easy-to-install devices along with cloud connectivity makes it the ideal scan tool for fleet operators and car rental companies, irrespective of the car’s vintage and brand.”

Nicolas Chorine, CEO of Jack said: “We want to give the end user a more embedded experience and the solution enables us to do that. In addition, the range of solutions delivered by partners and integrated with Jack provides our customers with a wealth of options when it comes to predictive maintenance and fast repair.”

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