RockTouch projected capacitive touch panels

Relec is pleased to announce the availability of a new exciting range of projected capacitive touch panels (PCT or PCAP) from RockTouch.

RockTouch was established in 2012 and quickly established its position as a leader in Projected Capacitive Touch Screen solutions. Many high-quality precision products are very sensitive to their environment but the RockTouch patented embedded technology enables the touchscreen to retain its stability. The portfolio has many unique features which will help the engineer create new and exciting designs.

Key features:

  • Common interface connector used across all size panels.
  • High signal to noise ratio (fewer spurious signals).
  • Operation possible with a wide range of gloves (cotton, rubber and leather).
  • Operation with water and other fluids.
  • 6mm cover glass as standard (options up to 12mm).
  • Customised cover glass.

Relec can offer support for integration and is able to customise the firmware if necessary to meet the exact requirements of the application.

We carry an extensive range of these panels in stock and we can easily customise a cover glass to incorporate several different colours, holes for LEDs, custom logos, or graphics of your choice.

We can also supply the touch panel as a stand-alone or we can integrate your choice of TFT display and supply it as a finished and tested assembly.

Typical applications:

The panels are ideally suited for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications including:

  • Drone monitoring and control.
  • Outdoor customer information screens and reactive signs.
  • Emergency service camera surveillance and control.
  • Operating theatre control systems.
  • Industrial control panels.
  • CCTV control.
  • Sonar display and control interfaces.

Additional features offered by Relec

If the touch panel is to be used in conjunction with a TFT Relec can also offer optical bonding for outdoor viewing, enhanced backlighting and many other display requirements you may have.

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