Robart demonstrated its innovative artificial intelligence “Brain” created for the production of mass market robots at CES 2017

CES 2017 was the year of Artificial Intelligence with intelligent, learning robots aimed at making peoples’ lives easier. One company, Robart, an international artificial intelligence company, presented its next stage, product-ready Artificial Intelligence Control Unit (AICU) to audiences and partners to rave reviews. 


Robart develops advanced robotic “brains” at an affordable cost for the next generation of consumer robotics systems. Their AI units can be inserted into numerous types of robotic consumer goods and they provide flexible and customisable robotic solution for manufacturers for robots to complete such tasks as home cleaning, home security and “fetch and carry”.


Robart has spent the past seven years researching, defining and understanding what is needed to create AI that can be brought to the masses. This is not an easy accomplishment; Robart now has 33 patents filed, pending, and/or granted and its Artificial Intelligence Control Units have been integrated into top international consumer brands’ products.


Creating affordable Artificial Intelligence is not a simple task. Robart’s CEO and co-founder, Dr. Harold Artés says, “We created robart to bring Artificial Intelligence to the masses. We see that consumers are beginning to embrace robotic technologies, from home vacuum cleaners to personal assistants, such as Alexa from Amazon. For consumers to truly be able to adopt robotic technologies, the Artificial Intelligence units have to be able to “learn” their environments, communicate effectively with their owners and perform the tasks requested, all at a price point that makes it possible to be produced on a large scale. We saw that need and created the AI units to fulfil these goals. We are extremely proud of the AI “brain” we have created and of the overwhelming response we received about our product at CES 2017.”


Robart showcased its AICU inside of a robotic vacuum that is able to:

•    Flexibly respond to changes in the surroundings as it “learned” its environment – the robot understood not to vacuum up LEGOS or hit breakable objects

•    Communicate with its owner and allow its owner to pinpoint where the robot was at any given time

•    Allow their owner to remotely control and command the robot from anywhere, via a smartphone or tablet


Backed by international investment firms and investors, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Innovacom and SEB Alliance, Robart is preparing to announce a major collaboration with one of the top North American household cleaning brands. Currently, Robart’s white label artificial intelligence solutions are used by leading vacuum manufacturers around the globe.

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