RN2 Technologies joins the Aspen Electronics stable

Always keen to extend their offering of components in the RF and Microwave arena, premium UK based distributor Aspen Electronics have announced a new partnership with RN2 Technologies. RN2 specialise in multi-layered circuit design and manufacturing processes using LTCC, HTCC, AlN, and Ferrite material. Their product range includes Couplers, Combiners, Terminations, Attenuators and Power Dividers.


Of particular interest is the range of 90°, 3dB Hybrid Couplers featuring four ports to divide or combine RF power. These Hybrid Couplers are made of RN2 developed LTCC material with patented circuit design providing low insertion loss and high isolation performance. RN2 Hybrid Couplers also support high power applications, up to 300W with a small size package. The surface mount parts pictured feature LTCC base, low-loss silver conductors and gold plating finish. Both are also RoHS compliant.


An excellent example is the CMX19Q03 from RN2 Technologies is a 90 Degree Hybrid Coupler with Frequency 1700 to 2000 MHz, Average Power 200 W, Insertion Loss 0.1 dB, Isolation 25 dB, Amplitude Balance ± 0.20 dB.


Another highlight of the RN2 range is their SMD terminations. Using either Alumina or AlN material, these small and highly reliable terminations are capable of handling RF powers up to 150W, with excellent return loss. For example, the S2525N100 from RN2 Technologies is a termination for applications up to 3 GHz. With a power rating of 100 Watts, a return loss of 23 dB and operating temperature of -55 to 125 Degree C., these are ideal for TETRA, GSM, UMTS, LTE, plus other VHF & UHF applications.  



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