Rigol news at embedded world 2015

Rigol Technologies EU will present several new products in the field of oscilloscopes, analysers and test software at embedded world 2015. This will complete Rigol’s portfolio with practice-oriented and cost-effective products. There are two new models of the successful DSA800 Spectrum Analyser Series as well as the new Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO) and a PC Software to perform standard “Power” measurements, e.g. on switching power supplies.

The DSA832 and DSA875 expand the DSA800 Spectrum Analyser Series to 3.2 and 7.5 GHz respectively. With specifications that far exceed the DSA815-TG, these new instruments enable direct measurements of higher performance signals and systems. Furthermore, Rigol offers many additional functionalities and options for the new models, including a tracking generator. With these specifications, the DSA800 series spectrum analysers will help you to quickly and easily identify and analyse your areas of concern and to implement design changes efficiently.

Besides their standard oscilloscopes Rigol will also present the Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Series MSO1000Z (70 and 100 MHz bandwidth) and MSO2000A (up to 300 MHz bandwidth). Both models leverage Rigol’s ultra-vision technology from the DS6000 series and thus offer superior performance and functionality in this class.

Rigol also offers for their customers a much better and extended flexibility in ordering and configuring oscilloscopes of the DS/MSO4000 series, at affordable pricing for future needs.

Rigol will also present the Ultra Power Analyser Software, which enables users to perform standard “Power” measurements on switching power supplies. This new PC Software, in combination with Rigol oscilloscopes (series DS/MSO2000A, DS4000 or DS6000) allows customers to set up small test systems, which represent a reasonably priced alternative for measuring switching power supply parameters during the development and production phase. Various parameters of these power supplies must be tested and have to be compliant with the European standard IEC61000-3-2. Similar to the EMC pre-compliance testing during the design phase, the costs for certification and the time to market can be reduced with Rigol’s new test solution. With this, Rigol also helps to improve the product quality.

In addition, the company continuously extends the Ultra series software tools to allow users an easier access when using a PC. Products like Ultra Scope (for the Oscilloscope families) and Ultra Station (for Arbitrary Function Generators) are already available on Rigol’s website www.rigol.eu for free download. Subject to license and cost are the software packages Ultra Spectrum (for DAS series Spectrum Analysers), Ultra IQ Modulation (for DSG3000 series RF Signal Generators), Ultra View (for DM3058 DMM series) and Ultra Acquire Pro (for the Data Collection System M300).

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