Riedon offers easy customisation of wirewound resistors

Riedon, the specialist manufacturer and supplier of cutting-edge, resistive solutions, is now providing a customisation service for precision wirewound resistor technology that not only addresses the needs of specific applications but can be produced economically in low volumes.

Riedon’s standard wirewound resistors are offered in various series to meet different performance requirements across a range of body styles. These include precision, axial-leaded parts, such as its 100, SM and PC series devices as well as the high-power axial and aluminum-housed resistors in its UT and UAL series. Surface mount options are also available in its S and SL series of wirewound devices.

Wirewound resistors offer levels of performance that cannot be matched by other resistor technologies; they can be manufactured with great precision, enabling tolerances down to 0.005%. They are extremely stable (15 to 50ppm/year) and operate reliably over extremely wide temperature ranges, from -55oC to +350oC, with temperature coefficients (TCR) as low as 1ppm/oC. In addition, wirewound resistors can handle high level pulses and transients, and dissipate substantial amounts of power, up to 2.5kW in some instances.

According to Riedon’s VP Engineering, Phil Ebbert, “Wirewound devices provide the best, and sometimes the only, solution for many applications and excel where accuracy is important. For example, wirewound resistors remain the technology of choice for demanding pulse-rated applications. The relatively simple construction of a wirewound resistor, which has remained unchanged for many years, allows them to be easily customised. Not only can engineers specify exactly what they require, but the manufacturing process also enables us to supply in quantities of hundreds, rather than tens of thousands, if required.”



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