Rich IoT device dramatically reduces product development timescales 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-networking of devices embedded with electronics (including sensors, actuators and network connectivity) and software that enables those devices to collect and exchange data. According to Gartner there will be nearly 21 billion devices on the IoT by 2020.


Underpinning this is the emergence of reliable, low-power monitoring and data acquisition technology.


Abelon Systems has announced the release of its IoT Reference Platform, which supports a wide variety of communications technologies including the new Bluetooth 5 standard, and a range of sensor types. The platform has two main variants; one for tracking mobile assets and the other for data acquisition or monitoring of static assets.


By bringing together all the hardware building blocks on one PCB the IoT Platform allows rapid prototyping and development of new designs, so new products can be realised much more quickly. Abelon has also created framework applications for mobile, MS Windows and cloud applications.


The hardware is Bluetooth 5 ready, and full support will be available on release of the Bluetooth 5 firmware stack, which is scheduled for the first half of 2017.


Several local radio standards are supported, including the low power, longer-range SIGFOX. GSM and WiFi support is also available, as is proprietary ISM band communications using commercially available modules.


There is inertial measurement via an accelerometer, gyrometer and magnetometer, and interfaces for temperature, humidity and other sensors.


Large flash data storage means long term data acquisition and recording requirements can be met.


Ian Smith, managing director at Abelon, commented: “The IoT platform gives us the ability to create a range of asset tracking, data acquisition and remote monitoring products. For our customers it means reduced risk and much shorter time to market, so it is potentially transformational for their business models.”

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