RF Solutions’ SMART Radio range grows

RF Solutions’ SMART Radio rf module range has grown substantially over the past 12 months. The privately owned UK manufacturer, based in West Sussex understand the importance of progression and operate a very pro-active approach when it comes to research and product design.

The SMART Radio range consists of pre-programmed modules with the intelligence already written into the chip. Aimed at engineers the SMART modules are designed to open up the market and appeal to engineers who may be put off by the complexity of working with radio. RF Solutions’ pre-programmed rf modules, as a range, offer benefits including time saving and a ‘Plug and Play’ approach requiring few external components to get started.  

Examples from the range include the BRAVO-T868 I/O transceiver module, the BOGEYBOARD which wireless enables push switches and the latest addition to the range – KAPPA, the low cost modem. With the fast growing Internet of Things (IoT), the SMART Radio range of modules are ideally placed to wireless enable your products. All of the modules in the SMART Radio range are compact in size, making them versatile to work with and easy to embed into a wide range of different applications. Below is further information about the latest SMART Radio modules released by RF Solutions, to see the full range visit www.rfsolutions.co.uk


The KAPPA, released in March this year is a fully functional radio modem in module form. Requiring only power and data in order to achieve a wireless serial data link at up to 56Kbps over a 500m range. Operating on the license free 868MHz band, the highly intelligent radio module is individually addressable. By setting a unique address, KAPPA networks can be easily achieved in formats – ranging from one-to-one to many-to-many.

In addition to standard modem features the KAPPA benefits from RF Solutions’ unique ‘Acknowledge Secure Mode’, this automatically prevents any transmitted data from being lost. In this mode, if the transmitting KAPPA fails to receive the expected acknowledgement for a specific packet it will transmit its data again up to 10 times before allowing the data stream to resume.

Not only is the KAPPA feature rich but it is also a cost effective rf data module. Available in SIL and also in a SMT package – ideal for volume applications. The KAPPA benefits from all the usual attributes of an extremely reliable modem, within the compact and convenient proportions of a versatile radio module.


The innovative BOGEYBOARD is a remote module, able to turn any switch into a remote control. Available in both 433MHz and 868MHz, the simple and compact module provides the freedom to wireless enable any existing switch. At just 38x42mm in size, the versatile BOGEYBOARD can be incorporated into almost any system, from garden lighting to industrial machinery.

BOGEYBOARD is equipped with 4 volt free close-contact inputs and can achieve up to 150m range.  There are 2 small LED’s on the board which help to monitor its status. As well as being small and simple to use, the module offers a large amount of scope in its functionality, offering both, momentary and latching options for the switch. The diverse power supply can operate using any voltage applied between 4.5Vdc – 12Vdc. This innovative and compact remote module has the potential to work on an endless range of applications, no matter what your challenge.


The sleek and versatile BRAVO is a transceiver module ideal to help incorporate the IoT (Internet of Things) into a wide range of applications. Being part of the SMART Radio module range from the outset, the BRAVO module’s popularity highlighted the potential for these types of modules and helped create the range available today.

The BRAVO module provides a reliable transceiver based industrial remote control remote switch with up to 1,000m range. Each module can be set to act as a ‘transmitter’ or ‘receiver’. A telemetry system can be achieved when two modules are paired together. Operating on the unlicensed 868MHz band, the BRAVO module is 48mm by 17mm and benefits from an easy pairing process.

RF Solutions hopes that their SMART Radio range helps to make electronics look more appealing and accessible to people with even just a basic understanding of electronics and modules. All of the SMART Radio range can be found on RF Solutions’ website www.rfsolutions.co.uk.  

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