Replace your 16×2 character LCD with a 256×64 resolution graphic OLED

Craft Data’s PG25664HW is a 2.08” diagonal, 256 x 64 resolution, chip on board OLED module which they believe could help product designers transition from a simple 16×2 character LCD to their more visually dynamic graphic display. With the PCB measuring 80mm x 36mm, the same as many of the popular 16×2 character LCD modules and a pin-assignment to match, two key problems in the re-design are already solved.

The OLED has an active area of 51.18mm x 12.78mm and offers an extremely wide viewing angle of nearly 180° on all axis, with a maximum brightness of 100cd/m² and a super high contrast ratio of 1000:1 the display offers a superb optical performance. The module has an 8-bit parallel 6800 series interface with serial I²C or 8080 parallel interface options also available plus an ultra-wide operating temperature of -40~+85°C makes the OLED ideal for a host of industrial, automotive and aerospace applications.

Contact: Craft Data Limited

Tel: 01296 332000

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