Renesas’ RA Family of 32-bit microcontrollers offer scalable performance for automation, security, motor control and industrial applications

Entry-level 32-bit microcontrollers with scalability for cost-sensitive applications

  1. Automation: The RA2E1 group of 32-bit single-chip microcontrollers is the entry level to the RA family of microcontrollers from Renesas. Based on the 48MHz Arm® Cortex®-M23 core, the RA2E1 microcontrollers offer flexible memory and small package sizes.
  2. Security: On-chip Flash memory is from 32kB to 128kB with 16kB SRAM memory. The package sizes are the compact LQFP, QFN, LGA and BGA packages, and the smallest WLCSP. Low-power operation is supported with voltage from 1.6V to 5.5V, and Active mode power consumption is down to 100µA/MHz and 250nA in standby. Higher integration reduces BOM cost by requiring fewer external components.
  3. Motor Control: The upgrade path is simplified with hardware and software scalability in addition to pin and peripheral compatibility with RA2L1. Upgrading to the next pin-count size provides additional I/O lines and peripherals. The development tools and Flexible Software Package can also be reused to streamline scalability.
  4. Industrial: The RA2E1 offers lower power operation with innovative peripherals such as enhanced capacitive touch sensing unit, high accurate analog features and timers, extensive memory size and package options include the smallest WLCSP. High integration reduces BOM costs by eliminating components previously implemented externally.

    The RA2E1 provides pin and peripheral compatibility with the RA2L1 group and is ideal for battery-operated applications and other systems requiring high performance and low-energy consumption in space constrained applications.

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