Renesas introduces new 32-bit MCU P Series with built-in resolver sensor interface

The MCU is a derivative of Renesas” P Series of MCUs and belongs to the 32-bit V850 RISC MCU Family. It incorporates Renesas” V850E2 CPU core and is equipped with a rich set of peripheral functions for motor control. With the combination of P Series” dual core lockstep and on-chip resolver sensor interface, the V850E2/PJ4-E MCU is compliant with the ISO 26262 safety standard and easily realizes lower system costs.

Improvement in the controlling function of a driving motor is a key technology for supporting the environmental performance of HEVs/Evs and as a result the V850E2/PJ4-E MCU has been introduced to meet the market need for lower system costs, as well as providing the support for further promoting eco-friendly HEVs/EVs and safety requirements of ISO 26262.

This latest MCU integrates Renesas” newly developed on-chip resolver sensor interface which corresponds to a wide range of resolver sensors, eliminating the need for an external resolver-digital (R/D) converter. An excitation signal generating function (TPBA) for resolver sensor is also equipped to offer optimum system configuration for driving motor control. The V850E2/PJ4-E device also includes many peripheral functions including: a high-precision motor control timer (TSG2) that complies with control of various motors, and an A/D converter with synchronized sample-and-hold (S/H) function, which enables more precise measurement of data from each sensor.

The CPU of the new V850E2/PJ4-E MCU adopts a dual core lockstep system, in which a comparator continually calculates and detects failures, making it possible to achieve a real-time high failure detection rate via only hardware. The new MCU is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially those that require motor control, which need to meet the high safety requirements of ISO 26262.

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