Remote input/output terminal system connectors from TE Connectivity save time and money

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, says thin wiring can be quickly and easily attached to connectors that incorporate its remote I/O termination system (RITS) solution. This is a concept that saves your most valuable asset – time.


The connectors, which are recognised by UL to U.S. and Canadian standards, use insulation-displacement contact (IDC). With no need for any wire preparation such as stripping, it makes joining wires to connectors up to five times faster than with traditional connection technologies using crimp or screw clamp. With no special skills being required to perform the work, overall installation costs can be cut considerably. Generic tools can be used to fit wires into the connectors.


TE’s RITS connectors have an extremely compact centerline distance of only 2.0 mm (0.79”), so they take up very little space on the board. With a maximum UL current rating of 3A per line and voltage rating of 32VDC, the RITS connector system is suitable for all relevant and low power I/O applications in harsh, industrialised environments.


Features such as color-coded covers for indicating the applicable wire range and-, semi-transparent housings enable correct wire positioning prior to wire termination and simplify quality inspection. The incorporation of a locking lever that makes an audible click when mated also improves the installation and mating process. Connectors can be safely pulled through partially jammed wiring ducts.


The chisel-shaped contact pierces into the wire to secure a much larger contact area than with alternative systems; the press function keeps the contact pressure applied; and the retention mechanism retains the wire at a higher retention force than other IDC connectors. The applicable wire range covers solid to multi-stranded wires from 0.1 to 0.5 mm² (27 to 20 AWG) commonly used in factory automation (FA) industries. Contact reliability is high, even under severe conditions such as shock and vibration, thanks to the system’s two-contact-points structure.


TE’s RITS connectors are available in various housings options, including plug, SMT-PCB mountable, panel mount, junction box and socket connectors.

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