Reliable lighting is essential at Connolly Hospital, Dublin

The Connolly Hospital Electrical Team turned to LEDVANCE to replace over 400 existing fluorescent fixtures (4 x 18W) in the A&E department, main corridors, wards, reception and ancillary hospital areas. The team chose the LEDVANCE Panel LED 600 with its 30W and 4000K cool white colour temperature, due to the luminaire’s qualities of high luminous efficacy, homogeneous light and quick and easy installation.

Over 400 LEDVANCE Panel LED 600 have been installed at Connolly Hospital in Dublin to provide reliable lighting and a 70 per cent energy saving

Busy hospitals place high demands on light. Connolly Hospital is a major teaching and health-promoting hub, supplying a range of services to a diverse population covering the communities of Dublin, and surrounding area. The hospital provides 24-hour accident and emergency cover, acute medical, surgical and psychiatric care, long-stay residential and day care plus many other services. It is essential that the right lighting is available in every area of application, delivering the light quality that is required by medical workers as they care for their patients. As in any building, energy efficient and low maintenance solutions are a plus, but in healthcare environments, reliability is particularly crucial as downtime needs to be avoided.

The LEDVANCE Panels did not disappoint. The cost contribution of lighting on the hospital’s electric utility bill was significant prior to the LED upgrade. After the Panels were easily integrated with the hospital’s building management system, the team noticed 70 per cent energy savings through lighting. What’s more, the homogeneous light produced by the panels has been observed by medical staff, patients and visitors alike, with many commenting on how the light is perceived to promote well-being and help to create a bright, clean and safer working environment.

The LEDVANCE Panels come with a five-year guarantee, providing the hospital with peace of mind regarding the reliability of the products being installed.

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