Redundant LNA systems increase reliability of satcom services

Now available from Link Microtek is a range of redundant low-noise amplifier systems that have been specifically designed to ensure the continuous operation of satellite communications terminals, preventing any disruption to services. Manufactured by US company MITEQ, the redundant LNA systems consist of an outdoor amplifier/switch assembly, which is installed at the antenna hub, an indoor rack-mount local control unit and a 30m-long RS485/RS422 control cable.

The control unit remotely monitors the LNA signal and, in the event of a fault condition or an operator-generated command, automatically switches the standby LNA into the satcom link while instantly removing the fault unit from the signal path, thus maintaining link continuity.

The LNA systems come in three different configurations – 1:1, dual 1:1 and 1:2 – and can be specified with a choice of 19 satcom frequency bands. All versions feature a wide input voltage range of 90-250VAC and use fully redundant, hot-swappable power supplies.

Available options include RS232 and Ethernet interfaces, custom cable lengths up to 122m, input and output test couplers, transmit reject filters and an internal noise source.


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